Wanted: new creative challenge


Looking for a new creative challenge

Sometimes extra design power is needed. When updating the website. With a fresh logo or branding for a new project. With beautiful illustrations and infographics. Or just to give your client communications a creative, visual boost.


I have been a Freelance Designer for over 20 years. Helping businesses attract more clients. Providing them with a professional look & feel. 

Into something new

So, let me think along with you. Let me use my creative experience to design that project. Because I recently finished a long UX / UI Design project, I am currently looking forward to a new creative challenge. Short, long, small or large, conceptual or analytical. Preferably in a smaller team.

How may I help you?

I provide:

  • Creative concepts

  • Online design (UI / UX)

  • Logo, corporate identity and branding design

  • Graphic design

  • Illustrations

  • Art Direction

Check out my designs here and my illustrations at http://www.mrupside.nl.


Don't hesitate to send me an email or DM. And if you know someone else who needs design power? Sharing this message is always appreciated, :)

What’s in it for you?
When your response leads to a super cool, valuable assignment, I am happy to offer you a free Mr. Upside limited edition luxury print of your choice, worth 99.- (Check the collection at http://www.mrupside.com).